Plant a Billion Trees

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plant a Billion Trees campaign?
The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is an unprecedented major restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008 to restore Brazil's Atlantic Forest. On the brink of extinction due to pressures of urban expansion, agriculture, ranching and illegal logging, much of what remains of the forest is found in isolated fragments, which are often too small to support a full array of its extraordinary biodiversity. Through Plant a Billion Trees, we will reforest 2.5 million acres and connect more than 12 million acres in new forest corridors.

One billion trees is a pretty big goal—how is The Nature Conservancy going to accomplish this?
It is ambitious, but no tropical forest on Earth has come closer to total destruction. Our approach takes advantage of the best available science to ensure that the forests we restore and establish are viable ecosystems that provide multiple benefits and high quality habitat. Here are some of the strategies we employ:

  • Build a strong coalition with a diverse range of partners
  • Create enormous forest corridors by integrating the following strategies: economic incentives for conservation, creation and effective protection of public and private protected areas, large-scale reforestation and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Work with landowners and their associations to facilitate compliance with environmental laws
  • Support the development of carbon sequestration projects that make conservation sense and can co-finance reforestation activities
  • Plant tree seeds and saplings to initiate forest restoration and enrich plantings to increase diversity in severely degraded areas
  • Assist natural regeneration—including fencing off sensitive areas to prevent damage by cattle, installing barriers to reduce the spread of fire, and installing perches for birds and bats that spread seeds—to accelerate natural forest regeneration in areas that do not require plantings.
  • Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has the means, experience and track record to work closely with partner organizations to meet this important goal.

    How does restoring and protecting Brazil's Atlantic Forest impact people, including me?
    Tropical forests provide several important benefits, including freshwater protection, clean air, crop pollination, wood and food. The Plant a Billion Trees campaign will help improve important watersheds that provide clean drinking water and hydroelectricity to millions of people, as well as protection for thousands of species of native plants and animals. People will also benefit on a global scale–the trees planted by the campaign will capture atmospheric carbon equivalent to the emissions of one million cars every year.

    Does one dollar plant one tree?
    The one dollar per tree support offered by the campaign does not cover the full restoration costs, but the Conservancy is able to leverage your donated dollars through partnerships with municipal and state governments, local NGOs and the private sector to cover any additional costs.

    Are there Nature Conservancy staff actually working in Brazil?
    Yes! The Conservancy has staff and scientists based in Brazil who work with a network of in-country partners--including Brazil’s federal government, the state governments of Parana and Sao Paulo, the Extrema municipality, forestry companies, local cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and local communities. We offer assistance and technical guidance using previous Conservancy projects as a model to accelerate results and minimize costs. We also provide technical and financial support to the Atlantic Forest Reforestation Pact, a diverse coalition of 151 organizations focused on encouraging a long-term restoration strategy for this endangered area.

    I want to help! How can I get involved?
    Thank you for helping Brazil's Atlantic Forest! While we can't send you to Brazil for hands-on work, we can send you to–a great place to quickly and easily support the campaign. What will you find? You can plant trees with a one-time donation, plant trees on a monthly basis or give trees as a gift. You can even create a tree planting goal on your own Plant a Billion Trees personal fundraising page and encourage family and friends to help plant trees or join the campaign on Crowdrise. You can also follow The Nature Conservancy's work in Brazil on Twitter and Facebook and encourage your friends and followers to get involved with e-cards.